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 What Is The Best Way To Play Freerolls

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PostSubject: What Is The Best Way To Play Freerolls   Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:38 am

If you are expecting a blue print to follow you will be disappointed.

Any style of play can win tournaments, but being able to switch the style you play will give you a bigger edge.

Here are the 4 most common styles of play you will come up against.

Tight Aggressive

In poker books you will see these players described as TAG (Tight Aggressive)
This type player will only normally only play premium hands.
JJ QQ KK AA / suited AQ AK  / off suit AK.
Waiting forQQ KK AA AKs AKos you will get one of these hands roughly 1/44 hands.

How to spot them they play very few hands when they do play if you see the show down they will have the top starting hands. They rarely bluff.

This type of player will normally get cashes in tournaments.
They will move up the payout ladder by not playing hands and only going allin when forced to by the blinds/antes.

They may wait for big hands like Aces and still lose then they are out of the game.
They will blind out of tournaments waiting for these big hands.
Better players notice how few hands these players play so the minute they are in a hand they are wary.

Tight Passive/Limpit

Like the Tight Aggressive  player normally only plays premium hands.
This player differs from the TAG player because they will limp into hands they rarely raise preflop if they do get out of the pot.

How to spot them they play very few hands you normally do not notice them because they play so gently the normal thing to see from this player is to limp pre-flop and then fold if there is any potentially bigger hand available on the board.

This is the small ball player their skill is in not losing big pots.

They rarely win tournaments as they will fold rather than take a chance.
They may minimum cash but rarely make ft's.

Loose Passive/Calling Stations

This player likes to see flops and will call flops with whatever they believe is a playable hand normally suited connectors / suited 1 gap / suited aces / any pr / any 2 court cards. In the blinds they will call small raises see the flop then call if the flop has any card that helps them.

Other players dont know when they have hit as they keep calling bets even when they have not hit.

They never believe they are beaten they will call saying things like pot odds I have to call, I'm priced in . Normally end up paying many more chips than they have to.
Many players easiest target.

Loose Aggressive

The best known player of this type is Gus Hansen. They will play any 2 cards.

Plays any 2 cards so even with a premium hand such as aces you may be behind as they hit an obscure flop to 2 prs e.g 3610 .
Players have no idea whether you are playing a monster or a stone cold bluff.
You may often bluff players off hands.
You may have a monster and players do not  believe you.

Players do not believe your bluffs.
Players have no idea whether you are playing a monster or a stone cold bluff, so they may stay in a hand where they are behind and then suckout on you.

If you read most poker books they will describe these as the 4 most common player types. Most will say that TAG is the most profitable playing style. Generally this is true but it depends on other factors especially in tournament play.

Freerolls are very different to most normal tournaments.
In a buyin tournament just cashing will show a profit also most players will just try and cash if they are short stacked coming towards the bubble.

The fact is you need to play differently depending on several different things.
1 The types of players at the table with you.
2 The way other players see you.
3 The payout of the game is it flat or finish orientated
4 The number of players
5 The number of players cashing/winning tickets.

1 if your table is full of people prepared to get their chips in with virtually any hand it may be better to only play premium hands at the start of the tournament. If your table is full of tight players you can play a wider range and steal blinds.
2 If players see you as a tight player you can exploit this by bluffing. If players see you as a loose player you can exploit this by set mining (limping with small hands hoping to hit set on flop)
3/4/5 if a game has a flat payout paying 25 tickets of the same value it doesnt matter if u have only 1 chip when there are 25 players left in. If a tournament only pays 1 place and has 30 players playing you can play steadily. If a tournament only pays 1 place and 300 people start the tournament then you will always have to gamble at some stage.

In freerolls you will often see players happy to go allin with any 2 cards at the start of the tournament. They do this as they will either be out losing the minimum amount of time for playing the game with no reward, or they will have a big enough stack to then play poker.
Should you call if other players do that ? This is your decision it will depend on the hand you have your style of play and also the reward at the end of the tournament.

Should you try to play in a different style ? personally I would say no try different things and try to change your game a little bit at a time. It is impossible for a loose player to become a tight player in a few days.
Look at the strengths of the style you play and also understand the weaknesses in your style of play. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses you will then spot when players are trying to take advantage of the way you play.
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What Is The Best Way To Play Freerolls
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