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 Chat Jargon

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PostSubject: Chat Jargon   Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:49 pm


AFAIK -As far as I know
AFK- Away from keyboard
BL- Belly laughing
BRB -Be right back
BTDT- Been there,done that
BTW -By the way
B4N -Bye for now
CUL8ER- See you later
FC- Fingers crossed
FUBAR- F***ed up beyond all repair or recognition
FUD -Fear,uncertainty,and Doubt
FWIW- For what it's worth
FYI -For your information
GIWIST- Gee,I wish I'd said that
GG -Good game
GGA- Good game all
GL -Good luck
GP -Good play
GTG- Got to go
GMAB- Give me a break
GMTA- Great minds think alike
GOL Giggling out loud
H&K -Hug and kiss
HAGN- Have a good night
HAND -Have a nice day
HHIS -Hanging head in shame
HIG How's it going?
IC -I see
IGP -I gotta pee
IHA -I hate acronyms
IMCO -In my considered opinion
IMHO -In my humble opinion
JIC- Just in case
JK -Just kidding
JMO -Just my opinion
JTLYK- Just to let you know
KISS- Keep it simple stupid
KIT -Keep in touch
L8R -Later
L8R G8R- Later gator
LD- Later,dude
LDR- Long-distance relationship
LHO -Laughing head off
LLTA - Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LOL -Laugh out loud
NH -Nice hand
N1- Nice one
OIC- Oh,I see
OMG- Oh my God
OTF -Off the floor
PITA -Pain in the ass
::POOF:: -Goodbye (leaving the room)
ROTFL -Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO- Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
SEG- S***-eating grin
SETE- Smiling ear to ear
SOT- Short on time
SOTMG- Short on time must go
SUAKM -Shut up and kiss me
SUP- What's up
SWAK- Sealed with a kiss
SWL -Screaming with laughter
SYS -See you soon
TA -Thanks again
TAFN -That's all for now
TCOY- Take care of yourself
TX -Thanks
TY- Thank you
UL -Unlucky
VNH- Very nice hand
VUL -Very unlucky
WB -Welcome back
WD- Well done
WP -Well played
YW -You're welcome
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Chat Jargon
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